16-9-15: The first day back

After five weeks of school holidays, Junior came back to us with one simple, clearly articulated request: “Pink Lady”. The request was so clear and the desire so palpable that it was impossible to refuse. And besides, it is such a joy to be able to fulfill someone’s deepest wish. Especially when it is something…Read more 16-9-15: The first day back

Introducing the Cremellos to the Rest

  Step 1. Pick the right moment We got our four cremello boys in February and it is only now, 6-7 months later, that we are introducing them formally to the other horses. The reason for the long wait was that they needed this time to recover from their journey from South Africa, get comfortable in…Read more Introducing the Cremellos to the Rest

23-7-15: Learning by Watching

Two of our Cremellos – Freshly Ground and Moonlight – are well on their way to being therapeutic horses. As an introduction to the world of which they will soon be a part, we brought them over from their paddock to watch a therapeutic session take place. “Horses are smart enough to learn from each…Read more 23-7-15: Learning by Watching