Volunteer Spotlight: Jess Roberts

Jessica Roberts is an amazing 15 year old. She has been riding with us for the last two and a half years and she has shown an incredible love for horses in this time. Jess spends many afternoons and even days during the school holidays working with our horses and we are very grateful for…Read more Volunteer Spotlight: Jess Roberts

8-7-2015: Cremello Wednesday

There’s always something to do at a stable yard and at the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre we have learned to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. So when our Wednesday session with KGVI gets cancelled but a few die-hard volunteers still arrive, we don’t just offer them a quick cup of…Read more 8-7-2015: Cremello Wednesday

Gift Horses – Not just one but four!!

Dr Pete Dommett from Waterford Farm in KZN, has donated four beautiful cremellos for our therapeutic riding program. W Moonlight, W Pale, W Freshly Ground, and W Crumble are between three and eight years old and should be perfect for our riding program as they are Quarter Horse Crosses, making them exceptionally calm and willing. Dr Dommett…Read more Gift Horses – Not just one but four!!

11-2-2015: Fingers and Clothespins

It’s a simple task. Many of us do it every day without thinking twice. Hanging up our clothes on a washing line with clothespins and later removing them. The action is simple – press and release to hang the clothes and press and release to remove the clothes. I watch Junior attempt this task while…Read more 11-2-2015: Fingers and Clothespins