Rutendo’s Visit

While you maintain a healthy respect for their hooves and teeth, if you work around horses all the time, you mostly lose any sense of primal fear that you may have had. Rutendo reminded us of that fear when she came to visit us last week. She saw these giant creatures, all legs and head…Read more Rutendo’s Visit

8-7-2015: Cremello Wednesday

There’s always something to do at a stable yard and at the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre we have learned to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. So when our Wednesday session with KGVI gets cancelled but a few die-hard volunteers still arrive, we don’t just offer them a quick cup of…Read more 8-7-2015: Cremello Wednesday

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Paul

It has been three months since we featured one of our volunteers and in all that time Sandy Paul has continued to quietly work with our horses and regularly attend our therapeutic riding sessions. She has proved over and over again that she takes her commitment to us as seriously as she does her horses,…Read more Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Paul

The Minis – Making you Believe in Magic

With their delicate hooves, waterfall manes, and gentle dispositions, the latest additions to our therapeutic centre have found permanent homes in our hearts. Yes, they’re small but they’ve already made a huge difference to our worlds! Many of you have met them already but here are a few words introducing Disneyland Eldorado, Disneyland Bridget, and…Read more The Minis – Making you Believe in Magic

Easter Retail Therapy!!

Support us AND look good this Easter!!! We are selling caps (pictured above) and T-shirts featuring our logo. We’ve got all sizes of T-shirts (kids, small, medium, large, XL) in the following colors (green, light blue, navy, maroon, (pictured below) as well as white, yellow, and red). Take advantage of our special Easter promotion and…Read more Easter Retail Therapy!!

A Conversation with Kelly Slonaker

Kelly Slonaker has been with us for close to three weeks now and in a very short time she has managed to become an integral part of our lives, making critical contributions to our therapeutic riding program and fitting in so well with all our animals and staff and sharing our peculiar sense of humor!…Read more A Conversation with Kelly Slonaker

2-2-2015: Morning with Riverside Collegiate

Riverside spent a morning with us on Monday. Once again there were some of them who didn't make it off the bus, but they had a great time sitting on the bus waving to their friends and cheering them on. We spent a lot of time encouraging Tandi to get onto Lightning, and she had us…Read more 2-2-2015: Morning with Riverside Collegiate