The First Display Show!

The first ever Healing with Horses Display Show was a sunny morning of applause, laughter and cake! Excitement ran high but we remained reasonably organized, with horses waiting calmly in the shade for events to start. Our MC, Ike Kehayias, kicked off the morning with a short introduction about the centre and a brief description of…Read more The First Display Show!

29-10-14: Sunglasses in the heat

On a sweltering hot October afternoon in Zimbabwe, the gift of sunglasses from MARANATHA VOLUNTEERS INTERNATIONAL made our Wednesday kids real cool! Thanks once again for the generous gift of sunglasses, you really made these kids smile! We had cheeky Chantel back this week, full of nonsense, and soft Sandisiwi as well, who we haven't seen yet…Read more 29-10-14: Sunglasses in the heat

23-10-14: Sunglasses Thursday

Thursday was another amazing afternoon with the children from KGVI. There is such a big improvement in all the children. Crown was very good at balancing the bean bag on his helmet and walking around the ring. Patrick was so excited to see Clifford and shook his hand with a huge smile on his face. He rode Fly, and…Read more 23-10-14: Sunglasses Thursday

16-10-14: Two incredible moments

This Thursday we managed to capture two incredible moments on video to share with you... The first is of Thobizitha. She has a condition called arthogryposis, which results in limited movement in her joints and some may even be frozen in one position. Often the muscles around these joints is weak and stiff. As a result, Thobizitha…Read more 16-10-14: Two incredible moments

First session for KGVI kids

Big smiles, high fives and lots of clapping!! The new children from KGVI arrived yesterday morning full of energy and eagerness. We hosted eight children, who were between five and eight years old. As this was the first time that they were riding, we spent a little extra time introducing them to the horses and helping…Read more First session for KGVI kids

Overcoming fears: Stepping off the bus

Rani, our 20-year-old bay pony, is the enticement. When he sees her, Vimbai, a young man with autism, gets off the bus. It is Monday morning and we are hosting students from the Riverside Stimulation Centre. They have never seen horses before, let alone touched them. And we are ready to show them a good…Read more Overcoming fears: Stepping off the bus

Saturday Morning Solo Rides

After a few months of group lessons, the girls from the Sandra Jones Centre were treated to one-on-one lessons that included half an hour of non-stop trotting and tips from Sally Swift's Centered Riding program to improve their seat! Lunch in the form of sandwiches and brownies did much to restore everyone's energy! The girls…Read more Saturday Morning Solo Rides