16-10-14: Two incredible moments

This Thursday we managed to capture two incredible moments on video to share with you... The first is of┬áThobizitha. She has a condition called arthogryposis, which results in┬álimited movement in her joints and some may even be frozen in one position. Often the muscles around these joints is weak and stiff. As a result, Thobizitha…Read more 16-10-14: Two incredible moments

Thursday Afternoon – 9 October 2014

Mike (the multiple amputee) greeted us today with an amazing picture he drew with his mouth.... It is very humbling to see what these kids can achieve even with the severe disabilities they have. Thobizitha, the little girl with Arthrogryphosis, made incredible progress. Her legs are already softer and she was able to sit astride…Read more Thursday Afternoon – 9 October 2014