Moonlight’s education

Moonlight has been very busy these holidays with his continued education.20160406_160859

We have started to do a bit of pole work with him…


Introduced him to our weeds…

20160406_161445 (2)

Taught him to canter in the dressage arena (we have only seen him canter once in the paddock the whole year that he has been here. Kim and Abi report a very comfortable canter which will be easy for our therapeutic participants to sit, and an obedient transition)


Socialised him with other horses without a leader. Moonlight feels threatened when his space is invaded and he has no-one beside him to advise him on the proper behaviour, but he is learning that you can work in the same space as other horses without asserting dominance!




We introduced him to group work…

And most importantly introduced him to the other half of our therapy program.


Well done, Moonlight!







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