SPCA Ponies

Magic, Bella and Jig have come to spend some time with us here at Healing with Horses, to see if they would like to be therapeutic ponies. They have settled in nicely, despite having come all the way from Harare only two days ago. These ponies are from SPCA in Harare, and were fostered in Harare by Renee Nursten who looked after them so nicely. Thank you to Roxy Ellis and her efficient team for bringing them to Bulawayo for us.

It takes a very special pony to fit into a therapeutic program, they need to be un-fussable, easy going, laid back, obedient and willing to please. They need to hold up to lots of pressure without being stressed, and they need to be fairly strong. This is a lot to ask of any pony, but if they don’t have these traits, then this work can be very stressful, so we will be going through a rigorous selection process with these ponies to make sure that this is what they would like to do, or whether their future lies elsewhere. We hope they decide to stay, we are already bonding with them! Welcome to Bulawayo, sweet ponies.

A very big thank you to Fiona Irvine and Renee Nursten for the kind donation of saddles to our therapeutic program, we really appreciate your generosity. Thank you to Star Burton for bringing the ponies to our attention.

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