Special Volunteers


All of our volunteers are special to us, but a few times a year we have to admit to having favourites, a few that are extra close to our hearts. So nice to have our own kids home to volunteer every now and then. Was so nice to have two of the three home, Aileen’s son Craig, in last year of Financial Management, and my daughter Lindsey, in the middle of her veterinary degree. (Sad that John couldn’t be with us, he is starting the final clinic year of his veterinary degree and is very busy! ) There is something so extra special when your children show an interest in the thing that is close to your heart, and there is no doubt that this therapeutic program is a huge part of Aileen and I’s hearts and lives, so thank you for being a part of this whenever you come home guys, it means so much to us. It also helps that they are both tall enough to help with our taller horses! This gave our faithful weekly volunteers a welcome break, for some reason 90% of them are shorter than average! But tall or short, we need volunteers, please come and try your hand at this amazing experience, it will touch your life in the most positive way.

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