New New New

A New Year, A New Session, lots of New Horses! Another great week with KGVI, thanks to the volunteers, kids and staff of KGVI, and especially to the new horses who have been training during the holidays to take up their extremely important posts as therapeutic ponies. Bella, our SPCA pony has become an old hand at this and is SO loving with the kids. Yesterday Man came to us at the end of November straight off the track, and has defied all cliches of ex race horses, he has never shown a moment of flight or fright reflex, and has settled into his new life as though this was what he was born to do. Our darling Laser Patrol joined us on Wednesday morning and proved what we already knew, that this special boy was born to heal. Agent Crush has been with us off the race track for a couple of years, and has proven to be so reliable and unflappable, that despite his gigantic height which challenges our shorter side walkers, we couldn’t resist putting him into his first KGVI session this afternoon. Needless to say, as with every other area of his life Agent excelled in the session without even realising he was there! Our latest new arrival, ex-show jumper Aftershock, came and joined us in hand today, and melted everyone’s hearts wit his obvious, immediate love for our special KGVI children. One look at those liquid eyes is enough to melt your soul, and he epitimised this all by choosing the heart bean bag, and holding it in his mouth for several minutes while watching his new friends work! What a special horse, thanks for sending him our way Charley Crockart.

These amazing animals could be part of your life too! Come volunteer and meet them along the way, you too will fall in love with them!