We were ecstatic to receive a very generous donation from Rod Gobey of Tandemanzi Drilling. Tandemanzi were sponsors at the Azuluna Horse Trials in Harare this weekend. Healing with Horses could not keep going without the help of companies like Tandemanzi, thank you so much Rod, we are very touched by this gift. Here is a picture of Trish Lillie and Aileen Johnstone accepting this donation on behalf of Healing with Horses Zimbabwe.
We thought it was apt as well, to show a picture of Nigel Philp jumping Zeus with the Tandemanzi sign in the forefront, as Profeeds is such a big supporter of Healing with Horses! Thanks for posing so nicely Nigel!




A big thank you as well to Andy and Tina Lowe for allowing us to put the Healing with Horses stand up at Azuluna. It is important to us here at Healing with Horses that we create awareness of disabilities in Zimbabwe, and how horses can help with every disability, or emotional need. They are, indeed, magical creatures..


It is so great therefore, to be involving Harare in our program, and it is amazing to have Trish Lillie on our team as our Harare representative, and to be able to let all the people involved with the Azuluna Trials this weekend, know what Healing with Horses is all about and how horses can change lives.

Thanks to Aileen for travelling all the way to Harare to join Trish for the weekend, and to both of you for your dedication to Healing with Horses and the children we serve.

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