Last weekend was the prestigious Spar Cancer Walk here in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It was heart warming to see Bulawayo come out in it’s masses to support this worthy cause.

What really touched Healing with Horses’s hearts was the offer from Crossfit Gym to raise funds for Healing with Horses Zimbabwe by doing Burpees for Bucks. Andy and Jo Schultz approached us offering to do this fund raiser for Healing with Horses, and then went on and did the whole thing, from advertising, to finding donors, to the hardest part of all, doing the burpees, 1000 each. Yes, there are supposed to be three zeros there, Andy and Jo did 1000 burpees EACH in support of Healing with Horses. It was with huge lumps in our throats that we watched Andy and Jo, and the other members of Crossfit, Nicole and Francis Norman, who did 1000 burpees together, Du Vundla, Constantine and Maria, who did 1000 burpees, and Delia Mendelsohn and Janice Armstrong who also did 1000 burpees for Healing with Horses.

When we were profuse in our gratitude, and our apologies for the hard work and pain he was about to experience, Andy said to us, “Yes, believe me, this is going to hurt me, but it is nothing compared to the pain and disability the children you help go through every minute of their lives. My pain is just for a while.” How humbling is this?


We watched these generous people giving of their time and bodies, and we were so humbled, it was hard to speak. The effort and commitment, and pain, written on their faces through the entire 1000 burpees, was plain to see, and we can never express how grateful we are to them.

Healing with Horses’ Staff put together a team to support the people who were supporting us, and believe me, they had aching muscles for the whole of the following week, even though they didn’t achieve the amazing numbers achieved by the Crossfit members! Thank you to Tamlyn and Kim la Grange and Aileen for starting off the Healing with Horses burpees stint, and then to Philip, Evans and Adrian, who continued until they had done 150, 120 and 150 respectively, before rushing back to the stables to work with some of the special children for whom the fund raiser was in aid of. Their arms were cramping and painful for days after, and we were amazed by their commitment to the children we serve. Thank you guys, what you did went above and beyond the call of duty!!

At the end of the morning when it was all tallied up, a total of 5420 burpees were done for Healing with Horses. Thank you to all the people who donated funds and horse food towards Andy and Jo’s tremendous effort, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate each and every one of you.

To members of the Bulawayo community who would like to become a part of the ever growing and loved family of Healing with Horses, there are so many ways you can do it. As Andy said, we can’t do every thing , but we can do what we can do. Everyone has a different talent or skill set with can help us here at Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre. We serve approximately 170 disadvantaged children with disabilities and special needs, free of charge, and we see the most amazing, and miraculous results from this work. Please, contact us:


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