Our Harare representative of Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre, Trish Lillie, has had a very busy year settling into the routine of a therapeutic yard. 2018 has been tough for everyone in Zimbabwe, but the simplest things please a Zimbabwean, things like managing to fill your car with fuel! So, when Trish e mailed me her report on 2018, she was smiling, having just filled her car up! During 2018, the number of children Trish and her team serve has risen to 14.

Healing with Horses Harare is available to serve people with a wide range of disabilities. Horses are used all over the world to work with people who face challenges such as Cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida, Arthrogryposis, Strokes, Spinal Cord Injuries, and many other physical disabilities, as well as learning disabilities, developmental delays, Special Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, etc.), Grief Management, Behavioural Problems, Addictions and Eating Disroders, Anxiety, the list is endless. Whatever the challenges you face in your life, horses will have a way to heal you. So if you live near Harare and want to give it a try contact Trish.


Healing with Horses’ first group of children came to Trish from Sihle, who is a patron of Safe Haven in Harare. ‘Sihle is an incredible woman who does so much for parents of children with disabilities. I am completely in awe of her energy and enthusiasm!’ says Trish. Sihle brings 9 children to participate in therapeutic riding sessions every week, her son Daryll, Sharon, Michelle, Delvin, Jennifer, Fanwell, Everjoy, Knowledge, and Devine. This means that Sihle has helped Trish and Healing with Horses change the lives of, not only these nine children, but also their families and friends, and other members of the community who are in contact with these wonderful children. The movement of the horse is three dimensional and when a child sits on the horse’s warm, peaceful back, and the horse moves forward, this child’s body is moved by the horse in this three dimensional manner, in exactly the way that the child would be moving were they ambulatory.  In this way muscles are softened, worked, and strengthened, enabling these children to achieve movement they have never achieved before. Horses are also very calming, soothing and non-judgemental beings, who build the confidence of a traumatised child, giving them the confidence to face challenges in their every day life. All of the children brought to Healing with Horses from around Harare, experienced this in their lives, and were enriched by the experience.

Robyn, Ethan, Dustin, Zoe and Richard also benefit from the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Program in Harare. Some of these children have improved their balance, some have become stronger, some have found words they never knew they had, and all of them have grown in self worth and confidence in the capable hands of Trish and her team of patient ponies, heroic handlers, and versatile volunteers! It is amazing how you can start a venture with just a couple of people, and at the end of a year, you look around to find that you are standing in the middle of a family. There is no way that these children will not reach deep into you and find your heart, even if you yourself had forgotten you had one. Ponies, leaders, volunteers and instructors all work closely together to change the lives of these children forever.

Towards the end of the year 5 children from Miracle Missions, led by Jacquie Anderson, came to Trish for a few sessions, and they will be continuing their sessions with Healing with Horses this year. Welcome to our family Miracle Missions!

A program like this could not run without the help of volunteers, and Trish has had plenty of volunteers throughout the year, Trish would like to say a huge thank you to:

Xiara Scott

Jane Mack

Eleanor Dickens

Sheila Schoeman

Lyzzie O’Donahue

and Ged who have volunteered in the program throughout the year, and to 






and Jason who joined the team in the latter part of the year. All of you are truly valued by all of us at Healing with Horses, it takes special and dedicated people to volunteer in a program like this, bless you all!

We would also like to thank some very kind members of the equestrian community who donated toward the therapy sessions for the children from Safe Haven this year , grateful thanks. Thanks also to Noelene Peech who periodically lends us “Rags to Riches” – a very solid and dependable pony. Also to Lous Evans for the use of little “Salt” who is very tiny and ideal for some of the smaller children and to Dana and Shauna for lending me Mahobohobo who is a wonderful little horse – so patient and willing and of course Jo Cocker and Renee Baker who “donated” the amazing Nikki to me. It takes very special ponies to work as therapy ponies, they must be very strong, patient, kind and obedient, and have an empathy for the children we serve. Trish’s team thanks you for the privilege of working with your ponies. 

Huge thanks to Hils and Johnnie Campbell and to Nadia and Brian Black each for donating 100 bales of hay to keep the ponies nourished!

Finally, Trish would like to thank her staff – Morgan, Ian and Windross.  Windross especially has a real gift with the children. These people work tirelessly caring for the horses, keeping the environment safe and clean, and helping out in sessions. A big thank you to this amazing team. 

Thank you to Nikki who donated some cycling helmets to be used in the sessions, some of the children have tiny heads and not very strong necks, and these light helmets have proved to be light and comfortable for the children whilst still providing the safety necessary. Nikki donated these helmets at the last session of the year. Nikki also made a generous donation towards the ponies keep. This is such a huge help to the Harare team, thank you Nikki.


Thank you to Stefania and the Scott-Riddells for the donation of tack and equestrian clothing for the kids, and the recent donation from Trish Turk. All of this is much appreciated.

Healing with Horses in Bulawayo would like to thank Trish and her wonderful team for their dedication and hard work representing us in Harare, and wish you all a wonderfully healing 2019.

If you feel you could benefit from the services provided by Healing with Horses in Harare, please contact Trish on 0774 044 805.