Everybody who has ever owned or loved a horse will know what they mean to you, how they become an important part of your family. So we at Healing with Horses feel privileged to be donated horses and ponies from all over Zimbabwe, and from South Africa as well. All of you people who have donated horses, we know how hard it is for you to say goodbye to them, and we are privileged to be given these precious gifts. Our first ever donation of horses came from the Drakensburg in South Africa, four beautiful cremellos who, although they had never been handled before, were the most laid back and easy going horses we had ever worked with.


These were followed by other well loved show jumpers, at the end of their years of jumping, and now being offered to the children of Healing with Horses in the noble role of therapy horses. Most of these were off the track thoroughbreds. It is amazing how these amazing animals, athletes trained to compete, suddenly become the most gentle of angels when introduced to the children who needed them desperately. Although none of them were expected to jump right in without a period of rest, rehabilitation and training for their new roles, it was incredible to watch the immediate reaction from all of them on being introduced to the children, the tranquility in their souls shone through and enveloped these children, surrounding them with love, safety, and care.

Just a couple of weeks ago our latest family member arrived, from Theresa Rutter in Harare, Double Gold. This OTTB raced in South Africa before journeying up to Zimbabwe, and making his way to Healing with Horses as a five year old. He settled in so quickly, and leapt straight into our hearts, so it wasn’t long before his training began under the gentle handling of Jericho. Double Gold has already been introduced into our therapy program, and has had his first session in the school. His gentle nature has won the children over.


The latest horse and ponies to find their way into the heart of Healing with Horses, come from Haven in Harare. These top quality ponies were donated to Healing with Horses by Alex Shepherd. We are speechless at the quality of these horses. And very apprehensive as to how, in the thorn scrub of Bulawayo, we are going to keep these immaculately groomed ponies’ manes and tails in the beautiful condition they are in at the moment!! These special babies came to us complete with their individual wardrobes, so generously filled, that we are going to have to build a new tackroom to accommodate them! Alex, we are absolutely speechless at your generosity, and touched that you thought of Healing with Horses to entrust with these precious ponies. As everyone else who has donated ponies to us has discovered, the size of the  Healing with Horses’ heart is huge, and every single pony here is loved totally, they all blossom and discover their often hidden personalities, when introduced to the amazing and special children we serve. We have already fallen in love with them all. And the Healing with Horses family is extremely large, their are plenty of people to dote on the ponies. We know they are going to be amazing therapy ponies. Thank you so much Alex Shepherd. Everyone, meet Seismic, (Cleo has a friend her size!) Peggy, Tess and Bess, and Little Man. Come and spend some time with them while you are visiting the rest of the family at Healing with Horses Bulawayo! Alex we hope to see you here soon, visiting your babies.