Our therapy ponies work long hours, and carry heavy weights in their important job, and they need good quality nutrition in order to do this important job. After the drought last year, grass in Matabeleland is like gold, just as scarce, and just as expensive! I think every horse owner in Bulawayo is envious of the beautifully nutritious, green and sweet smelling bales found in the higher rainfall areas in Zimbabwe. These are something we look at with awe and longing, but it is not something within our grasp. Even if we could afford to buy them, well, let’s face it, they are on the other side of the world…. you can’t just have them posted or e mailed to you… Their heavy bulk makes them very difficult and expensive to transport. And so they just remain an envious dream, the ultimate treat for our hard working ponies if .. if … if. Well yesterday our dream of rewarding these ponies became a reality. Sandy and Steve Worswick from Chapungu Farm in Marondera donated 700 of these beautiful bales to us for our therapy ponies. This sounds like an easy sentence to say and write, but believe me, it was not an easy dream to fulfil. The kindness of the Worswicks could have come to nothing without a way to get the bales to the horses mouths. So, with our usual trust and faith we threw this problem up into the air around the centre, and as usual a couple of our faithful Healing with Horses family members caught it and made it happen. A big thank you to Kim King, who always has our back, and took this worry away from us, spent hours casting around for a transporter, and after weeks of trying, and negotiating, found some wonderful people who offered to fetch the bales from Marondera for no charge. This is a huge donation to Healing with Horses, particularly at this time. This time of the year is always difficult for us, how to get sufficient fibre and bulk into the horses, when we are short of cash, and there is no grazing, exacerbated by the drought we had last year, so to get this donation of grass was a huge thing, and to not have to find the funding for the transport was an extra blessing. Thank you to Michael McKillop and Western Transport for bringing this life saving grass to us here at Healing with Horses Zimbabwe, free of charge. We are so grateful to you. Thank you to the driver, Stanley, for bringing the bales safely here. Thank you to Sandy Worswick, for not only donating the bales, but for halting her planting season to load them all onto the truck, a lengthy process. There have been so many sacrifices made by so many to make this donation happen, and we are so grateful to everyone involved.

We have a herd of very happy horses today, enjoying this feast which they so richly deserve.

If anyone has anything they can donate to our program to keep it running, we would truly appreciate it.

We are thankful to everyone who donates to Healing with Horses, especially our hard working and loyal volunteers. A huge thank you to everyone!

Have a great week, our horses certainly will! Which means we will too.