Healing with Horses Zimbabwe is very excited to introduce one of our new partners, Simbisa Brands, Zimbabwe. Simbisa Brands is a very well-known African company, in Zimbabwe you will have heard of their Africa wide renown brands, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Nando’s and Steers to name a few.

Simbisa Brands have donated to Healing with Horses to allow 2 children to receive Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies once a week for a whole year! On top of this, they are paying for the livery of not just one, but two therapy ponies for the whole year!

The ponies we have chosen to be sponsored by Simbisa, are our darling Pink Lady, and our noble Waterford Pale. All of our ponies work hard to serve the children of Zimbabwe, so it wouldn’t have mattered which ones we chose to represent Simbisa Brands!

So the next time you are enjoying one of Pizza Inn’s amazing pizzas, or cooling down with a decadent ice-cream from Creamy Inn, think about Simbisa Brands’ corporate responsibility to the children of Zimbabwe, I know it will give you a warm glow, and satisfy your soul as well as your hunger!

We would like to thank our Healing with Horses representative Tesa Ngwenya, for introducing Simbisa Brands to Healing with Horses, and helping them to realise the value of our program to the lives of children and communities in Zimbabwe.

Thank you, Simbisa Brands for joining the Healing with Horses family in the quest to heal the children and communities in Zimbabwe through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies!

If you would like to join Simbisa Brands as part of the Healing with Horses family and sponsor a pony or a child, contact us on 0773 472 225 or e mail healingwithhorseszimbabwe@gmail.com.