Healing with Horses Zimbabwe has two branches in Zimbabwe, the mother branch in Bulawayo, and another in Harare as well. Each branch is responsible for supporting their own staff and equines, but when there is a major donation to Healing with Horses the satellite branch in Harare receives a portion of these kind donations. Healing with Horses Harare has their own extra special supporters who keep the program in Harare running. Trish Lillie pours her heart into the vulnerable children of Harare on behalf of Healing with Horses Zimbabwe, and she would like to thank the following people for their generous support of her program.

Hils and Johnny Campbell

Alex Sheppard

Alan Mueller

The Albrish Family

Every non-profit needs the support of donors to keep going, particularly during this last year, where tough times were exaggerated by the pandemic. Well done to Trish for surviving 2020, and a huge thank you to all the people who stood by her and supported her, we are grateful to each and everyone of you. If there is anyone who feels they can help Trish with donations of any kind, no amount is too small, please contact :

Trish +263 774 044 805

Aileen +263 773 472 225

Or e-mail Healing with Horses on healingwithhorseszimbabwe@gmail.com