16-9-15: The first day back

After five weeks of school holidays, Junior came back to us with one simple, clearly articulated request: “Pink Lady”. The request was so clear and the desire so palpable that it was impossible to refuse. And besides, it is such a joy to be able to fulfill someone’s deepest wish. Especially when it is something…Read more 16-9-15: The first day back

The last day of term

Our center on the last day of term was a blur of red and blue as the students of Whitestone Primary School visited along with the children of KGVI. Around 30 children from Whitestone’s Grade 7 class got a chance to play with the 30 kids from KGVI. We love to see how children get themselves organized,…Read more The last day of term

23-7-15: Learning by Watching

Two of our Cremellos – Freshly Ground and Moonlight – are well on their way to being therapeutic horses. As an introduction to the world of which they will soon be a part, we brought them over from their paddock to watch a therapeutic session take place. “Horses are smart enough to learn from each…Read more 23-7-15: Learning by Watching

11-2-2015: Fingers and Clothespins

It’s a simple task. Many of us do it every day without thinking twice. Hanging up our clothes on a washing line with clothespins and later removing them. The action is simple – press and release to hang the clothes and press and release to remove the clothes. I watch Junior attempt this task while…Read more 11-2-2015: Fingers and Clothespins

29-10-14: Sunglasses in the heat

On a sweltering hot October afternoon in Zimbabwe, the gift of sunglasses from MARANATHA VOLUNTEERS INTERNATIONAL made our Wednesday kids real cool! Thanks once again for the generous gift of sunglasses, you really made these kids smile! We had cheeky Chantel back this week, full of nonsense, and soft Sandisiwi as well, who we haven't seen yet…Read more 29-10-14: Sunglasses in the heat