23-7-15: Learning by Watching

Two of our Cremellos – Freshly Ground and Moonlight – are well on their way to being therapeutic horses. As an introduction to the world of which they will soon be a part, we brought them over from their paddock to watch a therapeutic session take place. “Horses are smart enough to learn from each…Read more 23-7-15: Learning by Watching

Day Two at Horse of the Year

Mighty Image proved himself a true competitor today! On an average day in our yard, Mighty is quiet and slow. But take him to a show and his competitive edge is obvious. We almost didn't recognize the gorgeous, forward-going athlete out there!! Nicola and Mighty Image competed in the Working Hunter class where they jumped 80…Read more Day Two at Horse of the Year

First day at Horse of the Year!

Our first day at the 61st Horse of the Year Show, held annually in Bulawayo, has gone well. Poppy and Kim Le Grange came third in the precision and speed class. The win is impressive for Poppy as this is only the third show she has competed in. Nicola Bourdillon had two nice clear rounds…Read more First day at Horse of the Year!

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Paul

It has been three months since we featured one of our volunteers and in all that time Sandy Paul has continued to quietly work with our horses and regularly attend our therapeutic riding sessions. She has proved over and over again that she takes her commitment to us as seriously as she does her horses,…Read more Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Paul

13-5-15: Back in the saddle

The first week of our sessions with KGVI has just finished and its been wonderful to have these kids back with us!! We've missed them! Our new minis stole the show as we rather suspected they would. All the kids immediately related to these ponies, playing with their manes and stroking their warm backs. And Bridget and…Read more 13-5-15: Back in the saddle

Gift Horses – Not just one but four!!

Dr Pete Dommett from Waterford Farm in KZN, has donated four beautiful cremellos for our therapeutic riding program. W Moonlight, W Pale, W Freshly Ground, and W Crumble are between three and eight years old and should be perfect for our riding program as they are Quarter Horse Crosses, making them exceptionally calm and willing. Dr Dommett…Read more Gift Horses – Not just one but four!!