23-7-15: Learning by Watching

Two of our Cremellos – Freshly Ground and Moonlight – are well on their way to being therapeutic horses. As an introduction to the world of which they will soon be a part, we brought them over from their paddock to watch a therapeutic session take place. “Horses are smart enough to learn from each…Read more 23-7-15: Learning by Watching

Easter Retail Therapy!!

Support us AND look good this Easter!!! We are selling caps (pictured above) and T-shirts featuring our logo. We’ve got all sizes of T-shirts (kids, small, medium, large, XL) in the following colors (green, light blue, navy, maroon, (pictured below) as well as white, yellow, and red). Take advantage of our special Easter promotion and…Read more Easter Retail Therapy!!

Thursday Afternoon – 9 October 2014

Mike (the multiple amputee) greeted us today with an amazing picture he drew with his mouth.... It is very humbling to see what these kids can achieve even with the severe disabilities they have. Thobizitha, the little girl with Arthrogryphosis, made incredible progress. Her legs are already softer and she was able to sit astride…Read more Thursday Afternoon – 9 October 2014

First session for KGVI kids

Big smiles, high fives and lots of clapping!! The new children from KGVI arrived yesterday morning full of energy and eagerness. We hosted eight children, who were between five and eight years old. As this was the first time that they were riding, we spent a little extra time introducing them to the horses and helping…Read more First session for KGVI kids

Announcing Therapeutic Riding Schedule with KGVI

KGVI will be starting their sessions again on 1 October 2014. They will be bringing 12 kids on Wednesdays at 9 am and a different 12 on Thursdays at 2 pm. We will be working with new kids this term so it will be a new experience for them and it is always amazing to see…Read more Announcing Therapeutic Riding Schedule with KGVI