Rather Risky

Rather Risky is a thoroughbred, ex- racehorse. He was also a brilliant little show jumper in his time, and even now teaches many children to jump, as well as taking them safely around the courses at a show, he can turn on a ticky in a jump off, and has won many rosettes an trophies.…Read more Rather Risky

Vesta Rhiannon

Isn’t she a beauty? Rhiannon is a pure Arabian mare bred by us. She is worth her weight in gold as a therapy pony, every session she is the one who carries the  children who need the most care, and she does it all in her stride. Nothing fusses her, nothing rushes her. She is…Read more Vesta Rhiannon

Saturday Morning Solo Rides

After a few months of group lessons, the girls from the Sandra Jones Centre were treated to one-on-one lessons that included half an hour of non-stop trotting and tips from Sally Swift's Centered Riding program to improve their seat! Lunch in the form of sandwiches and brownies did much to restore everyone's energy! The girls…Read more Saturday Morning Solo Rides