Volunteer Spotlight: Jess Roberts

Jessica Roberts is an amazing 15 year old. She has been riding with us for the last two and a half years and she has shown an incredible love for horses in this time.

Jess spends many afternoons and even days during the school holidays working with our horses and we are very grateful for the extra love and attention they get.

Jess and Lancelot. “Lancelot is my favorite. He’s got attitude, lots of character. I had to earn his trust,” Jess says.

“The relationship with horses is rewarding. It’s important to get it right because horses can do a lot of damage to you at any moment but they don’t,” Jess says.

“Horses have taught me to be a better person. They have taught me to be sensitive to what is happening around me. I’m more in tune to people’s emotions because you have to watch horses so carefully. I’ve learned to have patience with people.”

Thank you for your time and your constant presence Jess!

One thought on “Volunteer Spotlight: Jess Roberts

  1. I used to hate horses but because of Jessica Michelle Roberts I now like horses.. She is a good friend of mine. this message is referred to you her instructors!!keep on training her because she does have potential to be one of the best world rider ever.. Please keep on updating me via email on what will be taking place.. It might be riding competitions or any other activity which will taking place.. I hope you both carry on doing a good work with horses.. I’m going to pay a visit one day if God allows.. Be blessed


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