13-5-15: Back in the saddle

The first week of our sessions with KGVI has just finished and its been wonderful to have these kids back with us!! We’ve missed them!


Our new minis stole the show as we rather suspected they would. All the kids immediately related to these ponies, playing with their manes and stroking their warm backs. And Bridget and Eldorado just stood there, calm as ever, just soaking in all that love.


We must say that it wasn’t just the kids who fell in love… We learned we need to keep a close eye on Knowledge, a KGVI staff member who accompanies the kids every week. While our backs were turned he was busy trying to get Paddington onto the KGVI bus to take back with him!!


Volunteers on Wednesday

  • Sandy Paul
  • Cynthia Louw (for her presence as well as coffee, tea, biscuits, and very popular rusks!)
  • Isla Sheasby
  • Mrs Darlow
  • Tiffanee Rhodie
  • Debbie and Kelly Paul
  • Tracy and Brian May
  • Sandy Beckley
  • Peta Ann Davies
    A very sad good bye to Peta Ann who has been part of our family for many years, she is off to do her BHS in England and travel a bit, we look forward to having her back here with mountains of knowledge and worldly wisdom. Have a great time Peta, we know you’ll do great things!

Volunteers on Thursday

  • Sandy and Kayla Paul
  • Hayley Jordan and Katie Sherfield
  • Duncan
  • Chipo
  • Kelly Austin
  • Cecile Knight
  • Nicola Bourdillon
  • Angela Stanton
  • Tarryn Collett
  • KGVI staff

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